2010 Flow 12K Stick

New for 2010 Brooklynite Unleashes the New flow stick. Tactile B-Grip along with stick em for ultimate feel.

New Quad Concave Pro Shaft design. Vectranite F Technology juices up the durability, and flex point reaction. Tapered shaft to reduce weight and improve kickback reaction.

  • Mid low kick point.
  • 12k Weave Shaft and Blade.
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Product Details

  • Full 12k blade and shaft
  • Tactile B grip and Stick em grip
  • Ultra Lite Weight
  • 925mm balance point for ultimate feel
  • Four Sided Concave Shaft
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Available Flexes

  • Senior 80
  • Senior 85
  • Senior 95
  • Senior 105
  • Intermediate 65
  • Junior 50
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Available Blade Patterns

  • Avenue I
  • Avenue B
  • Avenue D
  • Avenue M
  • Avenue S
  • Avenue L
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